Posters Volume 7

Posters (Volume 7 eBook) Tony White

Volume 7

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2 Responses to “Posters Volume 7”

  1. Nathalie Goursolas Bogren Says:

    Hello Tony,
    thanks you for sharing your work and your thought.
    I have a question about adolescence and independance. You wrote that there can be not independance as long as the youngster is not earning his own living. although I rather agree with you, what about numerous women who never really earn a living but choose to stay at home? Just saying that they are not really choosing would be discounting, I think. Because, it can be a real choice. I use to think that women who do not work outside the home were not really independant. Now that I’m older (and wiser?), I feel it’s a lazy way of thinking and a way that doesn’t aknowledge that we are never truly independant as we really are interdependant.
    I wrote a book about pocket money and I wrote that, usually, children understand the value of money the day they have to earn it and giving pocket money cannot achieve that. and then somebody told me, rightly so, what about women who manage their household but never worked a day to earn their keep? don’t they know the value of money? I had to admit that I was certainly wrong.
    Maybe earning your own living is an important step in “modern societies” but maybe, in other cases, earning your keep by being a contributor in the well being of a group could be enough.
    well, thank you for making me think! I know (almost) nothing more exciting than an intellectual challenge!
    Nathalie Goursolas Bogren
    consultane en ├ęducation, France
    CTA in the educational field

  2. Graffiti Says:

    Hello Nathalie, I responded to your question with a blog post. regards


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