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The contextual diagnosis of ego states

July 25, 2011

Contextual diagnosis of ego states

Ego states in counselling process

July 24, 2011

The Child ego state in counselling

Paper 1 – Looking for the Child ego state in counselling

How Child is brought into the counselling session
1. Feelings
2. Contracts for taking the client out of their comfort zone.
3. Polarities.
Paper 2 – Psychological polarities
Paper 3 – Relational contact with the AC

The Child ego state in counselling


Parent ego state tapes

The Parent ego state

Sameness in relationships

How modelling occurs

Group think

Parent ego state tapes


Working with the Conforming Child, Rebellious Child and Free Child ego states

The highly conforming client

The highly rebellious client

Dealing with the difficult client – Free Child, Conforming Child & Rebellious Child

Working with Conforming Child, Rebellious Child & the Free Child